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rychael(发音:ray-co),曹菽敉(拼音 shu2 mi3,但我喜欢被叫为 shu2 mei3)。新闻系学士,毕业自台湾世新大学。近年进修电影编剧,毕业于 London Film Academy。



欢迎跟随我的文字,文字里的思想,思想里的态度… 看见,一个生活在马来西亚首都吉隆坡,来自怡保,却无时无刻都想钻到世界各地(当然也包括自己的老家)有故事的角落,看有故事的人如何活着、爱着、享受着生命的喜悦…以图与文记录,分享品味生活之简却深的有趣。




This is Rychael (pronounce in ray-co), Chinese given name is 曹菽敉, pinyin shu2 mi3, but you can call me shu2 mei3. I graduated from Taiwan Shih Hshin University with Bachelor of Journalism and have recently completed Screen Writing course at London Film Academy.

In my previous life, I was a magazine chief editor influencing trends in fashion, beauty and films, managing commercial campaigns and have written three books about movie making. Life was hectic but exciting with no regrets.

After a long soul searching, I have decided to make myself a priority and slow down the pace of life to rediscover myself. I live and breathe films, travel and immersing in nature. I’m emotional yet rational but always just being myself.

Follow me as I start a journey through the lens of a Chinese girl from Ipoh, lives in Kuala Lumpur, who travels around the world incessantly to discover stories of places and humanity, exploring how people live, love and find happiness.

I hope you will come with me and enjoy the ride.

杂志/活动/出版 Magazine / Event / Publishing

杂志总编 Magazine Chief Editor


電影本事 MOVII

活动策划 Event

新导演计划 Dir8tor Award 2014

电影书编著 Books

相信|可能 The Making of Tiger Woohoo 大日子

天天 The Making of Great Day 天天好天

在路上 The Making of The Journey 一路有你

电影/电视 Film / TV

电影制作特辑撰稿 Script

天天好天制作特辑 - 晴天雨天 The making of Great Day(ASTRO)


中文节目撰稿 Script for Chinese Program

夏娃记事本 Eve’s Diary(8TV)

横行 8 道 Step Forward(8TV)

星级健康 第三季 (星级打工时代) Wellness on the Go season 3(ASTRO/TVBI/TVB 星河频道)2015

星级健康 第四季 Wellness on the Go season 4(ASTRO & TVBI)2016

环岛 8 第二季 Let’s Cycle season 2 - VO(8TV)

马来西亚版姊妹淘第二季 All Things Girl season 2(ASTRO & TVBI)2016

马来西亚版姊妹淘第三季 All Things Girl season 3(ASTRO & TVBI)2017

爱的交响曲 Symphony of Love (ASTRO) 2017

男神爱下厨 Gents Can Cook (ASTRO & TVBI)2018

马来西亚版姊妹淘第四季 All Things Girl season 4(ASTRO & TVBI)2018

Astro 国际华裔小姐 2018 MACIP (ASTRO)2018


短片剧本 Short Film

我的全家福 My Family(8TV)

广告/品牌文案/翻译 TVC / Copywriting / Translation

金马皇宫 Palace of the Golden Horses

雀巢咖啡 Nescafe

利宾纳 Ribena

美乐康 Beracles


白马瓷砖 White Horse

兰蔻 Lancôme

专栏作者 Columnist

台灣- [有故事的人] 酷青酷業 @ Cheers


客席编辑 Freelance Editor

香港- A DAY Magazine 时尚生活杂志


媒体策略伙伴 Media Partner

马来西亚-尚游 Premium Travel

奖项 Award

台湾 Cheers 杂志《高敢度世代-敢DO征文比赛》十大文章 & 十位敢 DO 代言人